Adult Services

Adult Services

Foreign Accent Modification helps non-native speakers of English improve pronunciation and speech clarity Regional Accent Modification is for native English speakers who wish to acquire the pronunciation

Aphasia is a neurologic disorder caused by damage to the portions of the brain responsible for language production and processing. A person with aphasia may:

Dysarthria: People with dysarthria experience “slurred” or “mumbled” speech due to limited lip, tongue and jaw movement. There may be changes in pitch, or vocal

Cognitive Retraining and Cognitive Communication Therapy targets attention, orientation, calculation, problem solving, safety awareness, memory, executive function skills and thought organization. Cognitive therapy is aimed

Stuttering services are provided to improve communication. Strategies and Techniques are implemented to allow patients to control speech and experience increased confidence with communication attempts.

Dysphagia is the medical term for a disorder of the swallowing mechanism. A person with Dysphagia may complain of: drooling and poor oral management; food

Voice Rehabilitation may be recommended by your physician to improve vocal loudness, pitch, quality and strain. We can help with chronic cough incomplete closure or

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